Welcome to my home page. Soon I will post updates on my next research project, which is on the concept of forgiveness in biblical and Greco-Roman texts.


Book Review for The Bible & Critical Theory

Here is the link to my book review in The Bible & Critical Theory. I wrote on Michael G. Levine’s A Weak Messianic Power: Figures to Come in Benjamin, Derrida, and Celan. http://novaojs.newcastle.edu.au/ojsbct/index.php/bct/article/view/697/635

Teaching jobs, fall and spring semesters

This fall I am teaching Introduction to the New Testament and Christianity in Perspective: A Catholic Approach at St. John’s University in Queens, New York, as well as Faith & Critical Reason at Fordham University. Three different classes in two different boroughs–more than a hundred students!–is keeping me very busy. My Perspectives course includes several …